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When the Department of Social Services removes a child from their home they leave with no possessions. The child is scared, shocked, lonely & feels unsafe. The Defenders for Children - Blanket of Hope is a gift from the community to the child. The blanket is something not only to keep a child warm but also to provide security & comfort. Each blanket will have the Defenders for Children logo and words of comfort for the child to read. "You Are Loved" & "You Are Treasured"

Blankets of Hope brings the community together including: individuals, churches, youth groups, organizations, businesses, and more. Groups will be asked to help assemble each blanket. The blanket will be delivered to the children by their assigned Volunteer Guardian- ad-Litem, who is the voice of the child in court. The Blankets of Hope project provides Defenders for Children opportunities to communicate the critical need for foster care homes, adoption homes and Volunteer Guardian ad Litem's and updated information to each indivitual. All of this is to further our mission of Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse.

Host A Event:

If you or someone you know would like to participate and help assemble these "No Sew" blanket.   Join one of our scheduled parties or create your own.  A $20 donation per blanket with a 50 Blanket minimum per event.  This will cover the material and time needed to cut the fabric, monograming, bagging and delivered to the Guardian office.   * People can share the cost and assemble a blanket together Your Donation is a Tax Deductible.  

Contact Defenders for Children if you would like to be a Sponsor of the Blankets of Hope program or you would like to donate towards children to design their own blanket.

Contact Defenders For Children at

To You It's Another Blanket

To The Children It's A Gift Of Hope

Blankets of Hope  

Each Blanket has a beautiful Monogram to remind the children that they are LOVED and TREASURED at a time when they are scared and feeling lonely.

Listen: A Child's Voice

Blankets of Hope Public Service Announcement

Over 6,400 caring Adults & Children in the Community have assembled more than 1,600 Blankets

Help Make A Blanket


Donation will wrap a child in a Blanket of Hope

Over 1500 abused children will receive a Blankets Of Hope Blanket.  

Thanks to the people within the Community that helped us assemble each of the blankets.