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Invest In Saving Children

Become part of the SOLUTION!

The More Electronic Detection K9s That Are Working, More Children Will Be Saved and Offenders Will Be Stopped.

Help Add Four More K9s in 2022

"Operation 180 Turn-Around offers contributors a unique opportunity to join a Task-Force of donors dedicated to turning around crimes against children.  Your contribution WILL help save children's lives!

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  • Identify & Save Children

  • Prosecute Offenders

  • Support Law Enforcement

  • Therapy For Children & Law Enforcement

One Sex Offender 
Has Many Child Victims

  • Average Sex Offender has Nine or More Child Victims. Victims range from Newborns on Up! 

You can help stop the offenders


"Focus On The Palmetto State to learn more about Operation 180 TurnAround Task-Force"

Operation 180 Turn Around aims to create a Task-Force of caring citizens to make a direct impact on crimes against children. 

This Task-Force of donors will help fund Electronic Detection K9s, a State of the Art tool for law enforcement agencies, assisting them in the location of electronic devices that are difficult or impossible to find using traditional search methods.  Locating and seizing this hidden evidence is vital to prosecuting criminals, rescuing children, and creating a safer community.

The 180 Turn Around Task Force will be promoted on all of Defenders For Children's social media platforms, announced in publications for many years. To make this happen, we are asking Individuals, companies, churches, or groups to fundraise or make a cash donation of $1,000 or more.  The more money donated, the more K9s will be placed, and more children will be saved. The Task Force will help in placing Electronic Detection K9s with Law Enforcement Agencies dealing with high levels of child abuse, trafficking, and pornography.  Any company, group, or individual that raises or donates $21,000 will receive special K9 naming privileges.   You will leave a lasting legacy. 


* Add your name, group, or company to the Task-Force!
Show our community how serious you are about saving children's lives. A donation can be given by an individual, company, social group, church, school, friends, and organization. 
Every Dollar Matters:  No donation is too big or too small, and all greatly appreciated.   
*All Donations Tax- Deductible
99% of all donations go directly into the programs.

Slide Video - Electronic Detection K9

Learn How You Can Name A Electronic Detection K9!!!

Let's Make a Turn-Around

Join the 180 Turn-Around Taskforce 

Campaign level of giving listed beside each name.  Count down numbers reflect each new member that joined the Taskforce.  Your donation will help place Electronic Detection K-9s with Law Enforcement Agency - Children's Crime Units and Internet Crimes Against Children.   

* You can make a cash donation or host your own fundraiser with friends, church or office.  

Numbers Of Members Committed To Help Place More Electronic Detection K9s with Law Enforcement


Raise The Money Or Make A Cash Donation. 

Lead Investor - "Name The K9"  $21,000 

Executive Leader - $10,000

Investing Leader - $5,000

Team Leader - $2,500

Member - $1,000

Any size donation will help create safer communities for our children.   You can donate cash or host a fundraiser to help you reach your goal. 


Join Operation 180 Turn Around Taskforce by Fundraising. 

Ideas How You Can Raise Money For The Taskforce Membership... The more you raise the higher your Membership and the more benefits you will receive.  You can have an opportunity to move up levels. 

Pot Luck, Chili or BBQ Cook-Off, Raffle Item or Service, Church, Customers, Schools, Social Gathering, Sales Percentage Day, Local Restaurant, or Spa, Dinner Party,

Fundraiser At School, Host A Party With Friends & Co-Workers, Walk, Golf Tournament, Sports Event, Raffle A Item or Service To Your Customers and Community.  Ideas are endless. 


You May Have Your Own Idea!!! 

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Many of our Supporters join together

Thank you to the Sponsors below who already begun saving the lives of children.

Below: South Carolina's First Electronic Detection K-9 was gifted to Greenville County Sheriff's Office - Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce.   

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Dabo All In Foundation
Nature Select
The Capital Corporation
Greenville County Sheriff's Office
Ruth Chris Steak House
Southern First Bank
International Plastics
Infinity Animal Hospital