Defenders For Children

Toni Clark/Founder

Toni is a mother of 2 teenage children, one of whom was adopted at the age of 5 years old.  Trained as a Foster Parent in Texas before relocating to Greenville in 2000, she has an understanding of the process children and parents face when abuse occurs.  With a background in marketing, event planning and networking Toni is applying her skills to build awareness by educating the public and encouraging the community to show that they care and become involved.  Toni has been active in the community having successfully spearheaded the effort to convert Oak Grove Lake from State ownership to become a Greenville County Public Park avoiding the loss of a unique public resource.  When Toni heard the facts about child abuse from a SC-DSS Representative and heard about the high levels of abuse within her own community she decided that an organization made up of the community must be created.  Toni believes that child abuse is a community issue and the only way we can lower the abuse levels is by working together to make a difference!

William Extein

1983 I enlisted in the United States Air force served in Security forces attaining the highest position of trust held by enlisted personnel allowed. I was awarded 32 credits through the community college of the Air Force and Northern Michigan University. I served as an officer on the Spartanburg County SWAT team and received the City/County Medal of Honor.  In 2005 I became a South Carolina licensed   Realtor working for Souther's, Keller Williams and Prudential C Dan Joyner and Young. In 2008 I became an ASHI / NACHI approved South Carolina state certified home inspector. I joined Defenders for Children because I admired the courage of the founders.  This should be a community solution to a community problem.

Sarae Smith

Volunteer Director of Defenders For Children's One Step Stronger Teen Project & Journalism. Sarae has been continually supporting the effort since 2012.   With so many positive stories due to the efforts of the Teen Project she is excited to make sure the project reaches further out into the community to help bring education & awareness through the eyes of the teens.   Sarae is currently the Community Engagement Specialist at Family Effects.   Studying marketing to further ability to create awareness & education about the issues of child abuse in the community.


Our Team