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Blankets Of Hope

More Than A Blanket...

Over 6,400 adults & children have been involved. Over 1,300 Blanket's of Hope have been assembled. Over 1,300 children have been shown they "are loved, and they are treasured".

 A report of child abuse in the US is made every 10 seconds. When one of those children is removed from their home, the child has suffered an extremely undeserving harmful crime against them, often by those they love and trust the most. Often, the child is unable to leave with few if any of his or her own possessions. When the guardian-ad-litem or law enforcement officer arrives to save that child, their world, while already full of chaos and harm, has suddenly come to an extreme whirlwind of uncertainty, fear, and loneliness. In this moment, this "stranger" to the child, is able to wrap the child in a Blanket of Hope made by the community that can give the child a sense of safety, security, and comfort. 

This project has given companies, churches, and members of the community an opportunity to provide & assemble these blankets.



Thousands Of Volunteers Stepped Up To  Help Make A Difference 

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