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Reaching The Public Through Video & Production 

Street interview locations completed: 
Boston Massachusetts, Nashville Tennessee, Greenville South Carolina.


                      One in three girls and one in six boys are at risk of being sexually abused in our nation. Each time an adult speaks up about crimes against children one of those children could be saved. Child abuse is one of the most uncomfortable topics to discuss. It is also one of the most uncomfortable crimes to be the victim of. 

                    At Defenders For Children, we speak about that which too often goes left unsaid. We do that by starting each video with a question asked to celebrities, politicians, and the general public of all ages and backgrounds. Why, What is Love, and Do you know how to spot a child molester, are among a few questions we ask. 

Pictured: actor, Pactrick Warburton
Pictured: actor, Terry O'Quinn

Thank you to the celebrities who have been a voice for a child in Defenders For Children's video production pieces! 

Sean Faris - Actor -Never Back Down & Pretty Little Liars

Anthony Anderson, actor (Guys with Kids and Law & Order)

Steve Azar, country music artist

Lucas Black, actor (42 and Seven Days in Utopia)

Andy Buckley, actor (The Office and The Lying Game)

Javier Colon, winner of The Voice (Season 1)

Greg Ellis, actor (24 and Touch)*

Ryan Merriman, actor (42 and Pretty Little Liars)

Terry O’Quinn, actor (LOST and Hawaii Five-O)

Grant Show, actor (Melrose Place and Private Practice)

Jeremy Clements - Nascar Driver

NFL Superbowl Quarterback - Jim McMahon (Chicago Bears)

Forrest L Wood - FLW Outdoors (Founder of Ranger boats)

John OHurly - Seinfeld

Bill Engvall - Blue Collar Comedy

Rob Riggle - Actor - Hangover, The Lorax, 21 Jump Street

Dennis Haysbert - Actor - Unit, 24, Heat - Allstate insurance

Jay DeMarcus - Rascal Flatts

Joe Don Rooney - Racal Flatts

Debbe Dunning - Home Improvement

Colt Ford - Country Music Artist

Dean Felder - Hootie &  The Blowfish

Patrick Warburton - Seinfield

Oliver Hudson - Nashville

Pictured: song artists, Rascal Flatts

“To say nothing is saying something. You must denounce things you are against or one might believe that you support things you really do not.” 
― Germany Kent

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All Videos

All Videos
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OAKLEY Electronic Detection K9 - Defenders For Children

OAKLEY Electronic Detection K9 - Defenders For Children

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Make It Stop!

Make It Stop!

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How Do You Spot A Child Molester?

How Do You Spot A Child Molester?

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What is LOVE?  One Step Stronger 480size

What is LOVE? One Step Stronger 480size

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Daddy Why Are You Gone?

Daddy Why Are You Gone?

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