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Defenders On The Road

Taking Our Mission Across The Nation

Launch To Be Announced 
"Defenders On The Road"
To Be Seen By Millions Across The Nation!

Mark Your Calendars
Launching!  Date:DTD
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Your Sponsorship Covers The Graphics And The Launch

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Defenders On The Road Details: 

  • The Defenders For Children's new pilot program, "On The Road" is the first of its kind. They are launching out of the Upstate of South Carolina. 

  • One Truck alone can have over 30,000 impressions per day x 365 a day per year. One truck can receive an estimated ten million nine hundred and fifty thousand impressions in one year alone. Imagine what happens when we launch all 18 to 20 trucks.

Where is your donation going? 

  • All funds raised are applied to support the placement of more Electronic Detection K9s to help fight against child abuse, trafficking & child pornography, and other needs to stop the horrible crimes against children.

  • Each Electronic Detection K9 locates an average of two devices per search missed by law enforcement. Usually, the devices well hidden are needed to prosecute criminals and rescue children. Our K9s have collectively located over 600 devices missed by law enforcement during the search.

  • You are helping to STOP those who are hurting the women and children. The average offender or trafficker can abuse from nine to a hundred and fifty innocent victims.

  • The "On The Road" Trucks will be seen in every community, street, and neighborhood, with many red lights and stop signs going down country roads and highways.

QR Code

  • Each Truck will bring ongoing education and awareness about child abuse and trafficking, child pornography, and a QR Code on each design, offering access to ways and encouraging victims to receive help.

  • Each Truck will be active for many years.

  • We will offer each participating company an education program for drivers and workers to identify and help child abuse and trafficking victims.

  • Bringing the hearts together, we can't do this without caring for individuals and companies like yours. The program is designed to bring individuals, caring companies and professionals, graphic designers, trucking companies, moving companies, and others together for children's sake.

  • The graphics on each Truck are uniquely designed by volunteer professionals and individuals like you who care. We are creating a competition to allow individuals who care an opportunity to apply their hearts to the children through the graphics.

  • Sponsors can join us by making a one-time donation, a monthly or yearly donation, or creating or hosting a fundraiser of co-workers, and friends at their local church, schools, sports teams, or social groups.

 Launching Celebration and Convoy! 

We will have a fantastic event the first week of April 22nd of 2023, reviling all eighteen trucks to the public for the first time.  Announce the winners of the graphic competition, then watch the trucks line up together and roll down the road as they head out to make a huge impact against child abuse, trafficking, and child pornography. 

Graphic Design Competition  - Learn More Click Here:

Any individual, graphic designer, student, or company is welcome to participate. During the pilot, we have room for Eighteen top designs to be displayed.  We are offering a competition allowing graphic designs professional and amateurs to enter for an opportunity to have their image displayed for millions to see for many years.   Graphic design winners will receive awards, and all selected designs will receive excellent exposure for public viewing and our website with their information.

Graphic Samples:

*** Defenders For Children the rights to all graphic designs entered. Defenders For Children can use the graphics to apply on the trucks and other marketing opportunities. trucks and other areas needed to help the Defenders For Children organization. We have the right to make any adjustments to designs entered into the contest, once they are sent to Defenders For Children.
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