Defenders For Children has been working hard and  extemely dedicated to raise awareness since 2010.  

In 2018, 97.9% of total expenses were devoted directly to programs & services. Our ongoing efforts to protect children from being abused by creating unique opportunities, to educate the community and Nation, getting the public involved, strong social media contacts, film production and assist victims to receive help.    To continue our efforts Defenders For Children is reliant upon your kindness and generosity.  

Donations will be applied to our ongoing  projects & help create new ways to  fight against Child Abuse!

Your donation makes us stronger in the fight against child abuse.   Will you help?

Defenders For Children

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Defenders For Children is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3)     Tax ID Number: 27-3388956

Your Donations Will Makes Us Stronger In The Fight Against Child Abuse?


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