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GAL volunteers provide a stable presence in a child’s life, remaining on each case until the child finds a              safe, permanent home.

Foster parents are special people who recognize the special needs of children living in a troubled family.


Heart Gallery of America  

Look at the Photo Gallery of Children in South Carolina that need a safe and loving home.

  You will fall in LOVE... They are all beautiful.

There are so many different ways that you can change the life of  a child.

   Many people already have something special in their heart, but just don’t know how to get started.  

We have listed below a couple of opportunities that offers you ways to change the lives of children in your community, or an individual child.


* Always Remember Fostering and Adoption requires a stable loving home to help the child.  If you are already dealing with Personal Challenges or Challenges in your relationship then you may want to consider becoming a Guardian in court or assisting Defenders For Children.

Teens need at least one committed adult to stand by them not matter what. There is a huge need for MEN to commit to helping a Boy.  

Foster Parents

Guardian ad Litem


Mentor A Child

Your Voice

Defender For Children is always looking for volunteers/advocates that want to commit to assisting in bringing education, awareness,  out into the public through, social media, group gatherings, participate and/or create events for any of our projects.

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Follow Your HEART!