Save A Child's Life! 

Operation "180 Turn Around" Task Force Membership Drive 

October 2020 - January 2021

Join The Taskforce And Fewer Children Will Suffer!  

Individuals, businesses, churches, social groups, and more can host their own event, party, or raffle to help raise awareness, connect the community, and increase the number of people who care. 

Get creative and have a simple event or gathering.   

No Matter Where You Live, You Can Help Rescue Children By Joining Operation 180 Turn Around Taskforce! Make A Donation of $1000 or More.   Create or Turn Your Upcoming Gathering Into Party!  Your Efforts Will Help Defenders For Children Donate More Electronic Detection K9s To Law Enforcement Agencies.

Any size donation is appreciated.

Anderson County Sheriff's Office & Charleston County Sheriff's Office are ready to accept their K9s

Your Membership Will Help Donate More Needed Electronic Detection K9s Needed To Stop Child Abuse, Child Pornography & Trafficking

Help Turn A Team Of Three Into A Team Of Five K9s.  Anderson County & Charleston County Are Waiting For The Community To Help Them Receive An Electronic Detection K9.  

One Hidden Device Located Can Save A Child's Life And Stop The Offender or Trafficker That Is Hurting Them.

The Average Offender Abuses Has

1 to 9 Child Victims.  Many have more.

Make A Direct Impact "Crimes Against Children" Sata, Queue, Oakley Are Waiting For Two New Partners To Help Rescue More Children.




Membership Drive: October 2020 - January 2021

How Much Do You Want To Raise?  You can create your own unique way to raise funds.

Consider Asking Your Party Guest, Family Members, Friends, Co-Workers, Neighborhood, Realtors, Teachers, Church Groups, Schools, & Customers To Make A Donation Of Any Kind Or A specific dollar amount.


Example Donors  -Ask $ Amount

10     $100 each

20       $50 each

30       $35 each

40       $25 each

50       $20 each

60       $17 each

100     $10 each

Defenders For Children's asking individuals, businesses, groups of friends, churches, sports groups, and social groups who are hosting any a Holiday Event or Gathering to consider using your event also help us make a direct impact against child abuse, trafficking, and child pornography while you are enjoying the holidays. Many of you plan to have a Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Party, and New Years' Eve Party. Why not turn your event into an opportunity to help rescue children and stop those who are hurting them. Save a Child's Life!


Taskforce Drive Will Run Until January 24th. If you donate or collectively raise $1,000 or more, then your name of choice will be placed as a Defenders for Children's Operation 180 Turn Around Taskforce Member. You can help donate more Electronic Detection K9s to Law Enforcement Agencies dealing with high levels of Crimes Against Children. The NEW K9s are trained to locate Hidden Electronic Devices during searches involving children and other horrible crimes. The devices located will bring more Evidence to rescue children and arrest the horrible criminals who hurt children. We need your help to raise a minimum of $23,000 Per Electronic Detection K9 that will work for 8-10 years. The more money raised, the more K9s will be donated to law enforcement locations, more children will be rescued, and more criminals will be stopped.


The more you raise, the more exposure you will receive. All New Operation 180 Taskforce members will have their name added to a chance to win a couple of very nice prizes.

What Level Will You Like To Reach? The More You Raise, The Bigger Impact You Will Make, The More Exposure You Will Receive.

Choose Your Task-Force Memberships Levels.  The Higher The Level, The More Exposure You Recieve, and More Events You Attend.   You also receive chances to win the drawings below. 

$1,000 Primary Member                                               1       Chance To Win   

$2,500 Advance Member                                             3       Chances To Win

$5,000 - Professional Member                                     6       Chances To Win

$10,000 - Elite Member                                               11      Chances To Win

$23,000 or more, Name One Of The K9's                 50      Chances To Win

Let's Get Started - Register Your Event or Party Today!

Toni Clark-

Contact Number: 864-787-5681

BONUS! Every New Or Rising Level Taskforce Member Will Have Their Names Added To The Drawings Below!   

New & Rising Level Task-Force Members who donate $1,000 or more on or before Sunday, December 6th are eligible for both drawings below. 


Beautiful Decorated Christmas Tree

& Santa Clause 

Retail Value:  $4,500


Event: Santa & Cheer  

Christmas Tree Drawing & Auction

Sunday, December 6th, from 4 pm to 7 pm. 

Ticket Sales Open, November 11th. 

Task Force Members do not have to be available to win. 

*The winner will receive Christmas Tree and Santa. Free Delivery within 20 miles of Up 2 Us Store in Greenville.  The tree will be disassembled and delivered inboxes.  If the winner would like to have the tree reassembled and decorated at the location. The winner will have to pay a $250 decorating fee.   Winner will pay any shipping cost of tree and Santa, that may be needed outside of the 20-mile radius.  

SPONSORED: Up 2 Us Furniture,

& J. Osborne Designs Designs

Let's Keep The Membership Drive Going!!! Through January 2021

All New Task Force Members and Rising Members are Eligible to have their names in the drawing below.  

Membership Drive Continues Through January 24th.


2021 TASK FORCE & K9 Celebration -

New K9's Announced 

180 Turn Around Taskforce Event

$2,000 "Up To Us" - Gift Certificate Event, TBA

Let's Get Started - Register Your Event or Party Today!

Toni Clark-

Contact Number: 864-787-5681

Sample Events Members Created

We Currently Have 33 Operation 180 Task Force Members At Different Levels.   To give you an idea.  Below are a couple of members who created a unique way to become a member


Halls Management Group is hosting VIP Fundraising Events at Three locations.   

Greenville & Charleston Locations - TBA

Sponsorship Opportunities - 


Columbia Location


Raised: $3,600.00

Columbia Location


Another $1,000.00

Employee Collection

Pigtails & Crewcuts is partnering with D

COMPLETED! Raised $3,261.19  Precentage For A Month

COMPLETED! Raised $1,000

Steve Cochran

Reckless Heart Tattoos

Raffled A Free Tattoo within 2 hours




COMPLETED! Raised $1,000

Dance Against Abuse:

Give a child a chance, bring your shoes and dance

Mail Check To:

Defenders For Children 1140 Woodruff Road,

Suite 106, P.O. Box 108, Greenville, SC 29607

Contact: Toni Clark - 864-787-5681



Established in 2010:  501© 3 organization. Tax ID #27-3388956

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