Defenders For Children

Fatherless Children

Defenders For Children( 501c3), created this video for the fathers who choose not to be involved in their children's lives.  Listen to what these men have to say to you, about what it means to be a dad and how important it is to your Child that you as the Father do your part in raising your child in a Loving and Positive environment.  

Are you NOT involved because:

* You Feel like you are not important in your child's life

* You think it really doesn't matter if you are there

* You Feel that your child doesn't want you to be involved in their life.

* Your Father was abusive

* Your Father was not there for you

* The mother remarried or has a boyfriend

Being a father is the most important role in your life no matter what is stopping you from having a relationship with your child.  You have a chance to make a change in your child's life and help them to become an adult that you will be proud of.  

Fatherless Children Video

Celebrities and Guests that Volunteered to Speak on the importance of being a father.