Defenders For Children

Be The Light

Help bring HOPE

to a teen or a single parent who is scared and needs to know that people do care.

“Be The Light”

Defenders For Children frequently come across teens that are in need for assistance. These teens are either not in the system or have aged out. They need to know that someone cares about them and will help them with the challenges that they are facing. We believe when a teen experiences an act of kindness it can aid in the direction they will go. A simple kind act inspires so many children to positively progress in their lives. When they see people do care, they no longer feel alone.  

You have a chance to help change the lives of the children that are now facing abuse or help stop abuse before it happens.

We need your valuable participation, perspective and/or financial support.  

Defenders For Children -  Non Profit 501c3


Defenders For Children

Breaking The Cycle Of Child Abuse


Do You Need someone to talk to:

National Child Abuse Hot Line:  1-800-422-4453

They will listen to any struggles that you are going through.