John Anderson.

Cast Against Abuse

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Cast Against Abuse Project offers teens from group homes a opportunity to experience fishing during a professional tournament setting or a tournament designed just for them.

Many teens have never been fishing before, ride on a boat, seen a lake or the ocean.  

Cast Against Abuse Project allows teens from local group homes or at risk teens an opporunty to spend a full day fishing on Pontoon Boats with men and women who care.  The project also allows the volunteers to become a positive role model and mentor to the teens who have been hurt and feel all alone.  The full day experience has encouaged many fishermen to continue making a difference and sign up as full time mentors.

Sponsors, Donations, Donated Fishing Equipment and Volunteers Are Needed

Where Good Men & Women Join Together and Support The Fight Against Child Abuse

This brave young man asked for an opportunity to speak.  

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