Defenders For Children

Defenders For Children Video Production:

Teens feel safe while facing the unspoken challenges of everyday life

Specially designed Blankets of Hope will be given to children that have been removed from their homes by D.S.S.

Defenders For Children has been creating unique ways to educate and create Community involvement  

One Step Stronger

Teens Helping Teens

Community Outreach

Blankets Of Hope

Defenders For Children needs your help to speak out to all of the victims, the children that are currently being hurt, that have been hurt and adults who have lived through it.

“Be The Light”

Bring A Teen Out Of A Dark Place


Defenders For Children continues to create unique events and programs that allows us an opportunity to communicate with the public.  We encourage involvement, educate and focus on the importance of the daily challenges the children are facing throughout our Communities and our Nation.    

Cast Against Abuse

Fishing Tournaments