Defenders For Children

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Defenders For Children -  Non Profit 501c3

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1140 Woodruff Road, Suite 106, Box 108,

Greenville, SC 29607

Phone:  864-787-5681


Defenders For Children (DFC) is a non-profit child abuse awareness, education, advocacy and community involvement organization.  DFC does not operate as a response or social service organization, a counseling organization, and is not engaged in the practice of law.  If you have reason to believe that a child is being hurt or abused in any way, please contact the appropriate law enforcement agency immediately.  

Defenders For Children

Defenders For Children -  Non Profit 501c3

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Defenders For Children unique community projects focuses on prevention, education, awarensess, promotes volunteering, encourage victims to receive help and let them know they are not alone.  

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Will Help Defenders For Children Donate  Powerful Electronic Detection K9s To Law Enforcement Agencies That Focus On Children's Crimes and Trafficking.

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