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Successfully Making A Direct Impact! Protecting Children & Stopping Those Who Hurt Them!

Sunday, October 6th


The More K9s Working, the More Children Rescued, and More Abusers Will Be Stopped For Many Years! 

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Electronic Detection K9s Save Children

Help Us Donate More K9s To Law Enforcement To Help Keep You And Your Community Safe. Let's Go From 11 to 18 K9s In 2024

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Did You Know?

We Collaborate With Individuals, Companies, and Overall Communities Together To Donate Electronic Detection K9s To Law Enforcement Agencies To Help Fight Against Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Child Predators, Sexstorion & Traffickers.

Criminals have adapted and commonly store images and videos on physical devices. The devices are tiny and easy to conceal in areas that law enforcement can miss during their searches.  Electronic Detection K-9s are specifically trained to locate the devices.  Learn how you can help make a direct impact against child abuse and trafficking. 

Defenders For Children

South Carolina
Secretary Of State
"Angel Award"

An average of 95% of all donations go directly into our programs.


Defenders For Children - South Carolina Secretary Of State "Angel Award"

Choose Defenders For Children 2024 BMW Charity Pro-Am will match 25% of your donation and 100% of General Admission tickets.  Through June 9th, 2024. 


Electronic Detection K9 WIN's AKC HERO AWARD

Defenders For Children is highly honored to have Sergeant Rainey with Internet Crimes Against Children and Electronic Detection K9 "Queue" recipients of the American Kennel Club ACE Awards for their fantastic work. K9 "Queue" has many accomplishments in saving and protecting children while bringing solid evidence to prosecute criminals.

Newest Addition To The Team:
Electronic Detection K9 "Hixie" donated to Jefferson County Sherriff's Office, Birmingham, Alabama.


Chip Is The Seventh Electronic Detection K9 and the First In The United States Placed With Probation and Parole & Pardons.
We have Four New K9s Being Donated In The Fall Of 2023.

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