Help Place More Electronic Detection K9s That Help Rescue Children and Stop Those Who Are Hurting Them!

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October 28th, 2021

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Did You Know?

  • The Average Child Sex Offender abuses up to 9 children.  

  • Other Offenders abuse 10 to 40 children

  • One Micro SD Card can store over 244,000 images of children being abused.

  • The average offender, trafficker, and predator criminal has evidence located on Electronic Devices.  Most attempt to hide the devices.

  • One missed device can be the only hope a child has to be rescued. 

Electronic Detection K9s Save Children

Help Donate More Electronic Detection K9s by joining the Task-Force.

Donation Of Electronic Detection K9s To Law Enforcement Agencies Will Help Fight Against Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Child Predators, & Traffickers.

Criminals have adapted and are now commonly storing images and videos on physical storage devices. The devices are very small and easy to conceal in areas that law enforcement can miss during their searches.  Electronic Detection K-9s are specifically trained to locate the devices.  Learn how you can help make a direct impact against child abuse and trafficking. 

180 Turn Around Campaign

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