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Your Donations Help Save Children Lives 

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Your investment will make a difference. Every dollar you give goes directly towards placing more Electronic Detection K9s, which will help stop those hurting the children and raise awareness, provide education, and powerful tools to protect children.

Have you or someone you know been directly affected by child abuse? What if someone had provided the funds and resources needed to protect you or your loved one? What might have turned out differently? Please consider donating and changing the life of a child that might not have any other means of being impacted. 

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According to the financial information filed with the South Carolina Secretary Of State's office,
Defenders For Children organization devoted
97.0% of its total expenses to program services during the year reported 2020. South Carolina Secretary Of State -

Do What You Can Help Save A Child. Make any size donation or become a Sponsor of the Defenders On The Road Launch in March at the New Hotel Hartness.   Ask us For Details. 

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Make A One Time Or Monthly Donation. 

Donate Today

Help us make a difference

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Many Safe Ways To Donate

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Defenders For Children

1140 Woodruff Road

Suite 106, P.O.Box 108 Greenville, SC 29607

Contact: Toni Clark - 864-787-5681



Established in 2010:  501c3 organization. Tax ID #27-3388956

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