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Who We Are


To Prevent Child Abuse, Trafficking, and Child Pornography, which will Improve the Lives of Children and Break the Cycle of Abuse. 


To Prevent Child Abuse, trafficking, and child pornography by creating, implementing, and operating projects that raise community awareness. To educate adults and children while increasing community involvement to keep Children safe.


We accomplish our mission through Websites, Social Media, Community Events, Public Service Announcements, and Commercials about Child Abuse Prevention, Parenting, and Protecting our Children. Each project creates opportunities for Adults and Teens to become actively involved in the movement to protect our Children and improve our Future.


We invite you to join us, become a Defender for Children, and make a positive difference throughout our Nation.

Girl and stuffed animal

Defenders for Children devoted 99.0% of total expenses directly to programs and services during 2020.  We depend on your kindness and generosity to help us move forward.  

Since 2010

Defenders For Children has been a registered Charity - 501(c)3    Tax ID 27-3388956

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