Electronic Detection K-9 

I Seek Evidence to Convict Child Abusers and Traffickers

Electronic Detection K-9s that work for law enforcement. 


My JOB is to find hidden electronic evidence containing images and videos that will help identify and rescue children as well as adults that are being victimized.  

Finding this critical evidence will help


  • Sex Offenders

  • Child Abusers

  • Rapists

  • Sex and Human Traffickers

  • Online Predators and other crimes


I also provide emotional therapy for victims affected by these heinous crimes.

Electronic Detection K9's Assist Many High Profile Cases Including: 

  • Subway pitchman - Jared Fogle

  • USA Olympic gymnastic Coach Marvin Sharp

  • Serial killer homicide case in Michigan

  • Insider Threat case in Carmel, Indiana

  • Child Kidnapping in Wisconsin, Jamie Closs

Your Support Will Help Donate Electronic Detection K9's With Law Enforcement Agencies Dealing With High Levels Of Child Abuse, Child Pornography & Trafficking.

Join Our 180 TurnAround Task-Force and make a huge direct impact against child abuse, sex trafficking, and child pornography for many years.

Defenders For Children brings the community together to raise funds to place electronic detection K9s with Law Enforcement Agencies that investigate a large number of internet crimes against children, trafficking, child pornography, and sexual abuse. 

November 20th, 2018 - August 31, 2019

 Electronic Detection K9, Queue had successfully located multiple devices and participated in 28 searches involving multiple arrests and different agencies.  Agencies include; FBI, Sled, Children's Crime Unit, Internet Crimes Against Children, Probation and Parole, & US Postal Service.    





Innocent Victims of Internet Crimes:

Most victims of internet crimes don’t just face immediate danger but have to face the reality that once their image is placed onto the internet and distributed online, their victimization sometimes never ends. This can lead to long-term psychological problems that have led to everything from poor self-image, relationship difficulties, and even suicide. In one investigation alone, K-9 “Bear” was able to locate a device that contained 80,000 images of child pornography. Had this device been missed by investigators, these victims would not have been discovered and the offender may not have been prosecuted.   A small Micro SD card can hold up to 255,000 images of children being abused and trafficked. 


It Is Important Not To Miss Even ONE Device:  The children need the evidence to be found so they can be identified, rescued, and stop the offenders from hurting more.


It is extremely important to find the evidence to stop and prosecute each offender.  

STATS:  It is estimated 70% of child sex offender has 1 to 9 victims of sexual abuse, while 30% has 10 to 40  victims.  30% or more victims repeat the Cycle of Abuse. 


Benefits to the K-9s:

We prefer to use Electronic Detection K-9s that utilizes rescued labrador retrievers for their training program. By utilizing rescues and other organizations to obtain dogs for their program, we are not only saving innocent victims of child pornography, but we are also saving dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized or continued to stay in poor situations. The dogs are rescued and trained in a loving environment, and once placed with a handler, will be given a purpose and remain with that handler in their "forever home."


Mental Health Benefits to Investigators and Victims:

Investigators working in child pornography cases often state that having to see the material and victims day in and day out takes a toll on their mental health and well being. Known as secondary Trauma. We have been told by investigators who currently have K-9 partners that their stress levels and well being have greatly improved due to the companionship of the K-9. While the K-9 is a great tool in locating devices in cases, the dogs are also used in the office to help investigators decompress and get their minds off of the images and predators they deal with day in and day out. The K-9s have also been useful in the comforting of child victims during interviews, as well as de-escalating the scene during a search warrant involving child victims.


Additional Benefits to Law Enforcement:

When asking investigators of internet crimes against children if they believe they get all of the evidence at a search warrant, overwhelmingly they replied that they never feel as if they were able to locate it all. This fact weighs heavily on officers and investigators involved in these types of crimes. The use of the K-9 has added confidence and peace of mind to the investigators that they are locating all of the devices and are able to leave a scene knowing that victims haven’t been left behind. The K-9s save investigators time, as search warrants can often take many hours or even days to complete. Utilizing the K-9s help eliminate some of the time investigators have to spend in less than desirable conditions in some of these warrants.

One Hidden Electronic Device Can Hold Over 244,000 Images Of Children Being Abused.

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My Dog Bear and I had a great time going