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Cast Against Abuse

Where Men & Women Come Together To Support The Fight Against Child Abuse Through The Sport Of Fishing

This project allows children and teens living in group homes an opportunity to a full day of fishing with volunteer fishermen & women during a professional tournament setting or a tournament designed just for them.  

In the US, on any given day, there are 438,000 children in foster care due to abuse. Twelve percent of those children are living in group homes. When one of those youths attends a Cast Against Abuse fishing tournament, it is possible that this is the first time that he/she has had the opportunity to see a lake, ride on a boat or experience fishing. 



We believe it is moments like this when good men and women are willing to take the time to show this young person a fun day on the lake, and it could be a highly therapeutic experience. 



This project relies on its volunteers and supporters to show these young men & women that people are willing to take time out of their day, for nothing in return, to give them a memorable experience. Experience in a fun sport and have a chance to see first hand that there are people who care.


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