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One Step Stronger

Bringing Positive Peer Pressure

Teens Helping Teens Feel Safe While Facing Unspoken Challenges of Everyday Life.

    We believe that child abuse can cause a ripple effect of other challenges that teenagers can face including; child abuse, domestic abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, rape, domestic abuse, depression, drug & alcohol use or addiction, sex trafficking, and more. Too often, when teens are dealing with any of these challenges, the only people they feel safe enough to turn to for help are their friends. The One Step Stronger project provides teens with the resources, knowledge, and experiences to help friends or peers that confide them. 

     Some of the teens who have been involved in One Step Stronger have their own challenges to work through. Other teens were involved because they were aware of those challenges and wanted to find a way to help. No matter their age, background, or story, these teens have taken the time to create & implement awareness pieces via events, social media, and video journalism to show their peers they are not alone and to encourage them to find help and become One Step Stronger. 

One Step Stronger
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